Do I need a lawyer to write an auto accident settlement letter?


Do I need a lawyer to write an auto accident settlement letter?


The simple answer to this question is no, you do not need a lawyer to write a demand letter to an insurance company after a car accident. You can gather all the necessary information yourself, write the letter, send it off, and the insurance company is obligated to respond.

A better, two-part question is this: Do you feel confident in your ability to put a demand letter together, and are you willing to spend the time it will take to do it the right way?

The demand letter is the most important tool you can use to give yourself the best chance of getting a satisfactory car accident injury settlement from the insurance company.

In the demand letter, you will:

1) spell out your side of the car accident -- how it happened, names of witnesses, and your personal observations.

2) detail the impact the crash has had on your life -- your injuries, your lost income and time missed at work, the damage to your vehicle, your pain and suffering, and any other negative consequences of the accident.

3) provide documentary support for your side of the story -- police reports, doctor bills, treatment records, vehicle repair estimates, and anything else that might support your version of events.

4) conclude with an actual "demand" -- a dollar figure that you are willing to accept from the insurance company as full and final settlement of your claim. 

You need to present your side of the story in a thorough and professional manner, so writing a demand letter is a job that must be taken seriously. Learn more about Writing a Demand Letter for a Car Accident Claim.

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