I've been having headaches non-stop after a car accident. Is this compensable?

If you’re experiencing chronic headaches after a car accident, it could be an indication of a serious injury, so get yourself checked out by a doctor now, and worry about compensation later.

Yes. But the first thing you need to be concerned with is getting proper medical treatment for any legitimate injury you might have sustained. You can worry about compensation later, when the time comes to make an injury-related insurance claim or file a lawsuit over the accident.

If you’re experiencing chronic headaches after a car accident, it could be an indication of a serious injury -- anything from concussion to neck injury, even serious head injury like subdural intracranial hematoma or hemorrhage (bleeding). (Learn more about common car accident injuries.)

Your best first step is to schedule an appointment with your primary physician, explain how the accident happened, describe all of your symptoms and everything you’re experiencing, and let the doctor do his or her job. Chances are you’ll be given a range of diagnostic exams, and you may even be referred to a neurologist or other specialist. Keep your appointments, be cooperative and proactive when it comes to your medical care, and obey your health care provider’s instructions in terms of follow-up and after-care.

Obviously, your health is concern number one, but there are tangential reasons why getting proper medical care after a car accident is important. If you do decide to pursue a car accident injury claim against the at-fault driver, you’ll need to have documentation of your injuries in the form of treatment records and medical bills. You can’t just say, “I’ve got a headache and it’s your fault. Where’s my settlement check?”

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