The 7 Things You Should Do At the Scene of Your Car Accident

If you're wondering whether you did all the right things at the scene, here are the 7 things you should have done.

You're probably reading this after you've left the scene of your car accident. But in case you're wondering whether you did all the right things at the scene, here is a look at the 7 things you should have done. Click on the links for in-depth information on each step.

1. Stop. As soon as it's safe to do so, stop your vehicle.

2. Don't Leave the Scene Early. Fleeing the scene of an accident comes with harsh consequences, both civil and criminal. 

3. Call the Police. You may be required to call the police if anyone has been injured, and it's good to have an officer at the scene in any case.

4. Gather Information and Write it Down. Here's what kind of information to preserve while the incident is still fresh in your mind, and in the minds of others.

5. Be Careful What You Say. Statements you make at the scene almost always do more harm than good. Follow these tips.

6. Don't Make Any Agreements. Striking a deal with the other driver is almost always a bad idea. Here's why.

7. Take Photos of the Scene. Pictures are the best way to preserve the accident scene and capture the extent of vehicle damage.

So, did you do all the right things?

If you didn't, take the time right now to do the things on this list that are still possible, such as writing down more facts or taking pictures of your car and other car(s) involved in your car accident. Once you have done as many of these things as you can, further protect yourself and your legal rights by taking the right steps After a Car Accident.

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