Drunk Driving Car Accident Victim Tells Her Real Life Story

The following is a statement I read at the sentencing hearing of the young man who changed my life (as well as his) when he was driving drunk on a beautiful spring morning in April of 2009.

The hearing was on December 31st, 2009. The young man was facing criminal charges for an accident he caused while driving drunk.

The accident involved a retired woman, whose life was also changed forever due to the injuries she suffered as a result of the car accident. This is her story.

Drunk driving is one of the leading causes of car accident related deaths in the U.S. While many will get away driving drunk hundreds of times without consequences, it only takes one time to change lives forever. Drunk driving accidents not only involve criminal charges, but the blatant negligence often leads to expensive civil injury lawsuits.

This is how car accidents affect the lives of people and how an experienced lawyer and law firm like Slater & Zurz can help repair the damages these accidents cause with all areas of a victim's life.

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