How a Car Accident Lawyer Negotiates with Insurance Adjusters

Why hiring an attorney may help you get the most out of your car insurance claim.

If you have been in a car accident and are making a claim for your injuries and/or vehicle damage, a car accident lawyer can be of great help when it's time to negotiate with a car insurance adjuster. Car accident lawyers know how to cut through the red tape many insurance companies use to make filing claims difficult, they know how to speak with insurance adjusters to achieve the best possible result in a claim, and if left with no other choice, car accident lawyers can threaten -- and ultimately file -- a lawsuit on your behalf.

Car Accident Lawyers Know How To Cut Through Insurance Company Red Tape

Car accident lawyers know how to deal with insurance companies. Lawyers practicing in this particular area are often very familiar with the claims practices of various insurance companies. Good lawyers have professional working relationships with adjusters on an individual level.

The ability to tailor a claim -- and the subsequent negotiations -- to a specific insurance company or adjuster is invaluable. The personalized service cuts through much of the procedural obstacles in terms of either knowing exactly how a claim must be handled, or being able to sidestep claim pitfalls through individual relationships.

Car accident lawyers also know how to interpret what an adjuster or other claims professional is saying. There is a nuance to claims and denials that may be lost on a layperson. But very often an adjuster could tip his or her hand with regard to the value of your car accident claim or the likelihood that an insurance company will negotiate and pay your claim. A savvy car accident lawyer recognizes these subtle (sometimes unintentional) hints, and can tailor your negotiations to make it seem as if the adjuster is getting their way while you are still getting paid.

Insurance Companies Do Not Ignore Lawyers; They May Ignore You

Your individual case will likely not be a priority for an insurance adjuster who is dealing with hundreds of claims at any given time. They can't -- and won't -- ignore phone calls from your attorney. Insurance companies would almost always prefer to negotiate a settlement to a claim rather than risk going to court, and the mere presence of an attorney on a particular file is a red flag that warns adjusters to take the claim seriously. Your lawyer will know how to get an adjuster's attention politely, but firmly. If negotiations stall, the vague threat of litigation can trigger a prompt return phone call from an adjuster who would otherwise simply ignore you

Car Accident Lawyers Know What Your Case Is Worth

As the claimant in a car accident case, you never want to leave money on the table. Whether it be for repairs to your car, medical expenses, lost wages or other damages, a larger settlement will almost always be helpful.

A car accident lawyer can look at the facts of your case and appropriately place a dollar value on your injuries and damages. They can do so because they have experience -- both in claims settings and the car accident lawsuit setting -- dealing with cases that have the same or similar facts as yours. They know what other insurance companies pay, and what a jury is likely to award in the event of litigation. As such, a car accident lawyer can ensure you do not under- or over-value your claim, which could cause an insurance company to not take the negotiating process seriously. Improper valuation could also cost you money, and that's the last thing you want to happen.

Car accident attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary to assist you when negotiating a settlement with an insurance company. They are professional advocates who know how to deal with adjusters and maximize your recovery. If you were the victim of a car accident, consider hiring an attorney to negotiate your settlement.

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