How much car insurance do I need in North Carolina?

Learn about minimum insurance coverage requirements for vehicles in North Carolina, consequences for driving without insurance, and more.

When you're trying to figure out the appropriate level of car insurance to purchase in North Carolina, you might also be curious about the minimum coverage requirements in the state. Some states require that you carry only liability insurance on your vehicle, while additional types of coverage are necessary in other states.

The table below shows the minimum requirements mandated by law in North Carolina.

Coverage Type

North Carolina Requirements

Bodily Injury Liability

$30,000 limit per person/$60,000 limit per accident

Property Damage Liability

$25,000 limit

Uninsured Motorist

Bodily Injury: $30,000 limit per person/$60,000 limit per accident;

Property Damage: $25,000 limit

Underinsured Motorist

Offered with Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Medical Payments

Not required


Not required


Not required

It is important to understand that this information is not an endorsement of the type and level of car insurance coverage that is right for you. It's simply what the law requires in North Carolina. Your local insurance agent can assist you with understanding the different types of insurance coverages that are available, and can help you tailor the right policy for your needs. You can also learn about different coverage options in our  Types of Car Insurance Coverage  section.

Many states have pretty serious penalties for failing to obtain the required car insurance. If you are caught driving in North Carolina without proof of the mandated insurance, the penalties typically include a 30-day suspension of your license and a civil fine. However, depending on the circumstances the punishment could also include revocation of your driver’s license and even jail time. Additionally, if you cause a car accident and you do not have insurance, you will be on the financial hook for any damages incurred by other people involved in the accident, including medical bills and vehicle repair costs.

For more details on car insurance rules in North Carolina, check out our article  North Carolina Auto Insurance Laws and Regulations. Additional resources are available on the main website for the  North Carolina Department of Insurance. The North Carolina Department of Insurance also publishes a guide to the state’s automobile insurance requirements:  A Consumer's Guide to Automobile Insurance.

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