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David J. Berg was a personal injury litigator for 22 years who handled maritime, Longshore, and general personal injury cases throughout New England and nationwide. After twenty-plus years of fighting defendants and their insurance companies, he decided to leave litigation and now specializes in legal research and writing for lawyers and the general public. He is a graduate of the Syracuse University College of Law and is a member of several state bars.

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Articles By David Berg

Preparing to Meet with a Car Accident Injury Lawyer
Learn important tips that you can do to prepare for your first meeting with a lawyer and discuss your car accident claim.
How a Car Accident Lawyer Can Help With Discovery
Discovery is a pretrial investigation process in which each side of a car accident lawsuit attempts to learn about the other side’s claims.
Hit By a Commercial Truck: Suing the Truck Company
In a case involving a collision with a commercial truck, there are a number of people and entities that you might be able to sue.
Civil and Criminal Consequences of a DUI-Related Car Accident
A look at potential criminal charges and lawsuit liability if you're convicted of DUI in connection with an accident.
Settling a Car Accident Injury Claim When the Other Driver Was DUI
Settling these kinds of cases might be easier, but make sure you follow these tips.
Are Insurance Companies Lenient on Bad Weather Car Accidents?
Remember that liability for a car accident is based on negligence, and that the weather is just another factor for the insurer (and a jury) to consider in determining whether a driver was negligent.
The Cooperation Clause and an Auto Accident Insurance Claim
If you've got a  car insurance  policy, it includes what is called a "cooperation clause" which, as the name indicates, requires the insured (that's you) to cooperate reasonably with the insurer.
Teen Car Accidents: What Happens to Parents' Car Insurance?
If your teen gets into a car accident that is his or her fault, you can expect your car insurance to soar.
Car Crash Claims and Subrogation
Subrogation is a legal procedure that lets an insurance company make a claim against a third party, to recover benefits that the insurer paid to its insured.
What to Do After a Car Accident If You Don't Have Insurance
If you have no insurance and cause a car accident, you may have to pay what years worth of monthly insurance premiums would have cost.